Thursday, February 21, 2013

Using last year's seeds in the garden

If you are wondering whether or not to use last year's seeds -- or some even older -- there is no reason to waste time planting them in the garden only to realize a couple weeks later that they are not going to germinate. You can check out their viability now!

I happen to have a very large bag of pea seeds that I've had for a few years. They don't have a date on them, and I don't remember exactly when I bought them, so I poured a handful into a canning jar and soaked them for a few hours, then drained off the water. I rinsed them several times a day to keep them moist, and within two or three days, I started to see sprouts!

After about five days, I poured the peas out onto a plate and started sorting through the ones that had sprouted and the one that hadn't. Since the germination rate looks like it is still very close to 100%, I'll be planting the seeds in my garden again this year!

And what will I do with the seeds that I sprouted? I'm going to continue rinsing them for a few more days and then feed the pea sprouts to my pigs as a treat!


  1. Can't comment through Facebook can't plant already sprouted seeds?

    1. I've never tried, but it's a little early to plant here anyway. We're in the midst of a slush storm as I'm typing! (Snow is falling, but it's 34 degrees, so it's very slushy.)

  2. You can plant them but you have to be really careful not to snap off the little roots. They are fragile as all get out and they don't grow back.


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