Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Getting back in the saddle

As the old cowboys used to say, if you fall off the horse, you have to pick yourself up and get back in the saddle. Sometimes I meet people who think that I'm focused, organized, and driven beyond what is humanly possible. I'm not. And the past month or so has reminded me of that! I'm not happy about the fact that I haven't posted on here in a month -- or that I only had one post in March. But life happens.

If you follow my Antiquity Oaks blog, you know that it's been quite a roller coaster on the farm this winter, and our family life has had its challenges also, as both my mother-in-law and father-in-law passed away only two months apart. And now I'm deep in the midst of cleaning up edits in the manuscript for my next book, Raising Goats Naturally, which will come out in September.

But I will get back to posting on here next week! And as a little thank you for those of you who have stuck around for the past month, I'm giving away two weekend passes to the Mother Earth News Fair, which will be held June 1 and 2, in Puyallup, WA, which is just south of Seattle. The value is $70. If you'd like to have a chance to win the tickets, just leave a comment below. Tell me why you'd like to attend the Fair -- and if you've recently had life throw you a few curve balls that caused a couple things to slip through the cracks!

The deadline for entering is midnight Saturday, April 20. Be sure to post your comment on this blog, not on Facebook, and you can't post as Anonymous because then anyone could claim to be you!

I hope to see you in Puyallup in June!
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